20 Reasons to Try a Plant-Based Diet

plant-based diet
There are so many little benefits to eating a whole food plant-based diet it's hard to consolidate them into one list, yet that is exactly what I have tried to do here...some are serious and some are trivial, but I can attest to all twenty!

There three big areas that plant-based eating affects: the health of humans, the health of the planet, and the welfare of livestock.

But there are so many little benefits to eating a whole food plant-based diet it’s hard to consolidate them into one list, yet that is exactly what I have tried to do here…some are serious and some are trivial, but I can attest to all twenty!

1. A plant-based diet is hands down the healthiest way to eat. Every diet, whether for weight loss or disease prevention, advocates eating more FRUITS and VEGETABLES, whole grains and legumes, and eating WHOLE foods, not processed foods. No matter what your condition, disease, ailment, complaint, or weight, eating more plants is THE WAY to go for better health.

2. There is NO GUILT associated with food or eating. Imagine that! You can eat what you want, when you want, with no counting, checking points, measuring, or logging.

3. You are helping to reduce the number of animals sent to slaughter, baby animals taken from their mothers, and animals forced to live in harmful and traumatic conditions.

4. You are helping to save the planet. Eating less meat is the single best and easiest thing we can do to reduce greenhouse gases, increase water supplies, and reduce the loss of soil and the destruction of the ocean floor.

5. It’s fun and exciting to learn to cook new foods, explore food cultures and experiment with flavors and textures.

6. You meet a lot of wonderful, like-minded people who love to share food and ideas.

7. You no longer get grease stains on your favorite shirt.

8. Remember that food processor, fancy mixer, and blender you have stored away somewhere? You actually get to put them to use making delicious meals.

9. You no longer waste food. It’s easy to eat or freeze everything you buy before it goes bad.

10. You save money. Yes, organic products are expensive, but you learn how to shop smart, you reduce waste, and you save on healthcare, medicines, and supplements. You also eat more meals at home, prepared by your loving self.

11. You become part of a MOVEMENT! We are changing the world one meal at a time…OK, too much, but true.

12. Your morning bathroom routine will go much more smoothly….trust me.

13. You feel GREAT all the time! You have boundless energy and will sleep like a baby.

14. Your spice cabinet is your medicine cabinet. You use SO MANY wonderful, flavorful healing spices and herbs.

15. You have a very respectable reason for being the one that tooted- own it! It’s all that great FIBER.

16. You are setting a great example for your family and friends, and future generations.

17. You can compost your food scraps to fertilize your garden or flower beds, experience the joy of turning waste into nutrient-rich earth and reduce the trash you send to the landfill.

18. You can get to know the chefs of your favorite restaurants. Don’t be shy about making special requests. They will appreciate you for the challenging them and helping them expand their plant-based knowledge.

19. No cross-contamination worries. You don’t have to worry about handling raw meat, and you can always lick the bowl or eat the raw dough.

20. You learn about how food is sourced, processed, delivered and marketed. You learn how to read nutrition labels and how not to fall for food industry marketing ploys. Overall, you are a smarter consumer in every aspect of life.


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