36 Minute HIIT Workout

36 Minute HIIT Workout

This week we all face gym closures and being confined to our homes, so I am sharing a workout you can do at home.

The only equipment that is absolutely necessary is either a resistance tube or a dumbbell. If you don’t have either, get creative– a gallon jug of water or a bag filled with canned foods or books will do the trick.

You will also need a step, bench, chair, or ottoman to perform dips and rows on. You may want to use a yoga mat, and of course, have a water bottle handy.

Warm-up first for at least 5 minutes, making sure to move all your joints, raise your heart rate and literally warm your body up.

Click here for an easy 5-minute warm-up routine.For this workout, you are going to start the stopwatch on your phone as you being the first exercise in group one.

Perform the exercise for as long as you can up to one minute. If you can’t go a full minute, rest until the next minute starts. For example, you may exercise 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds, or exercise 45 seconds, and rest 15 seconds. At the top of each minute move to the next exercise in the group.

You are going to perform a group of four exercises in order three times through, so it will take 12 minutes.

Then you will move on to the next set of exercises and do the same.

There are three groups of exercises, for a total of 36 minutes of workout time.

Perform Group 1 exercises 1 minute each, for 3 rounds, then move to the next group.

Group 1


Squat jumps

Push-Ups or Bent-Knee Push-Ups

V-Ups or Knee Tucks

Group 2

Alternating Side Lunges

Split Squat Jumps

Tube Rows or *Weighted Single Arm Rows

Russian Twist

Group 3

Hip Bridges

Mountain Climbers

Tricep Dips

*Side Plank

*Switch sides halfway through the minute, or extend your workout by doing one side for a full minute and then the other.

If you need a break between groups or between rounds, just pause your stopwatch and catch your breath, or let an extra minute go by and jump back in at the top of the next minute.

If you don’t want to jump, that’s OK! Modify any of the exercises as you see fit; the important thing is to keep moving!

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