Cardio Blast & Core Workout

Cardio blast
This 15-20 minute cardio and core workout is easy to fit in as an addition to a weight-training day, as a quick travel workout, or whenever you're short on time.

This 15-20 minute cardio and core workout is easy to fit in as an addition to a weight-training day, as a quick travel workout, or whenever you’re short on time.

You will alternate the Cardio Blast with the Core Set for 3-4 rounds, and finish with one more Cardio Blast.

You will need a timer or stopwatch.

Cardio Blast (2 minutes)

Perform each of these four exercises for 30 seconds, for a total of 2 minutes.


Power Skip (Can be done in place or moving)

Toe Taps (Can use small step or prop, or without)

Squat Jacks


Core Set

Perform one set of each exercise

Russian Twist 30 total (15/side)

Leg Lifts 15 reps

Alternating V-Up 8-10 per side OR Bicycle Crunches 30 total (15/side)

Builder Plank 16 total (8/side) or 30-Second Plank Hold


Here’s your workout outline for 4 rounds. If that’s too strenuous for you at first, cut out one round of Cardio Blast and Core Set:

  • Warm up for 5-10 minutes first
  • Cardio Blast-1
  • Core Set-1
  • Cardio Blast-2
  • Core Set-2
  • Cardio Blast-3
  • Core Set-3
  • Cardio Blast-4
  • Core Set-4
  • Cardio Blast-5

Modify as needed and be sure to drink water throughout and cool down appropriately.

This exercise routine is intended for healthy adults with no known contraindications. Check with your physician before embarking on a new exercise program.

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