How I Use My Instant Pot

When I bought my Instant Pot a few years ago, I proclaimed that I was ready to travel the country towing my tiny house behind me. I no longer needed a stovetop or oven and an assortment of pots and pans. Just park me near a source of electricity and I can make anything.

But while I haven’t pulled up stakes and hit the road yet, I do rely on my Instant Pot for a lot of my weekly meal prep and cooking.

Every week, I make at least one batch of grains in my pot, mostly rice. The Instant Pot makes terrific rice in half the time as it takes on the stove.

Another best use is dry peas or beans. Again, it’s super easy and takes a fraction of the time. No need to soak your beans overnight, just add them to your pot with water or vegetable broth and seasonings, and turn it on.

Since it also functions as a crockpot, I no longer have to store both a large crockpot and a pressure cooker.

I use the Instant Pot for soups and stews, and can easily transfer the food to a storage container, or just remove the Instant Pot’s inner pot, cover it and store my food right in that container.

Steel-cut oats with fruit and nuts, lasagna, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and cheese sauce are other easy recipes to make in the Instant Pot.

Another trick I learned on the fly occurred when I wanted to make soup and was out of vegetable stock. I made my own vegetable stock in minutes by adding my vegetable scraps to the Instant Pot with water and seasonings.

Now I save money and food waste by making all my own stocks and broths this way.

How about an air fryer?

Instant Pot has recently come out with an air fryer lid that allows you to turn an existing Instant Pot into an air fryer, so you can add air fryer to the list of tricks the Instant Pot can perform.

However, I opted to buy their separate air fryer to add to my mobile kitchen collection because I like the large frying basket.

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