Meal Prep Tip: Soften Dates Before Blending

Meal Prep Tip: Soften Dates Before Blending

Dates are great for sweetening smoothies and other plant-based desserts or baked goods. But have you tossed a couple of dates in your blender or food processor and immediately thought you accidentally used dates with the pits still in them? It sounds like you’ve thrown a handful of pebbles into the blender.

How many blenders have died an early death in the quest to ground down those sweet little nuggets?

I use dates to sweeten my morning smoothies, cereal, and frozen desserts.

Here’s a great meal prep tip that has saved me time and blender blades! Simply store your dates in a small jar of water in the refrigerator.

They will be nice and soft when you use them, blending smoothly in seconds!

I put about 6-8 dates in the jar at a time, adding more as I use them. The water also becomes syrupy and can also be used as a sweetener on cereals or in beverages. You’re welcome!

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