Mocktails: All the Taste, None of the Headache

Mocktails: All the Taste, None of the Headache

Published June 11, 2020 on

Many of us have been drinking our way through the quarantine to deal with the stress, or sheer boredom, of being sheltered at home over the past couple of months.

Drinking is one activity we have not had to give up; in fact, many have cranked their drinking up a few notches. Retail alcohol sales increased over 50% beginning in mid-March. Virtual Happy Hours have become a thing, and day drinking seems to have reached a new level of acceptance.

It may be time to give your body, or at least your liver, a little more love. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds in anticipation of trading those yoga pants for your work attire, or maybe you just want to reign it in before daily drinking becomes a habit.

Indulging in mocktails can satisfy your desire to relax with a drink without leaving you feeling bloated or fuzzy-headed. They have all the luxurious benefits of cocktails without any of the downside, and believe it or not, are starting to become fashionable. Try these refreshing mocktails or invent some of your own.

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