Product Review: Wild Earth Dog Food

Product Review: Wild Earth Dog Food

Snoopy is not good at posing for the camera. But he is a great eater. At fifteen years old, he has a very healthy appetite. He also has a very healthy diet.

Snoopy is plant-based and thriving.

Unlike cats, who are true carnivores and must get certain nutrients from animal products, dogs can do quite well on a plant-based diet.

Dogs are not carnivores, they are omnivores, and like us, they can meet their protein and other nutrient needs from plant-based sources.

The key is selecting a food that is high quality and nutritionally complete. That is something the veterinary nutritionists at Wild Earth know how to do.

Wild Earth dog food uses protein sources approved by both the FDA and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO.) The food is 30% high-quality plant protein and includes prebiotic fibers for good digestion, plant oils and algae for healthy skin and coat, and all the energy-producing carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals necessary for good health.

There’s another important reason to switch your dog to plant-based food.

Pet food accounts for about 25% of meat’s impact on the environment. If you are following a plant-based diet to better your health and the health of the planet, don’t you want the same for your dog?

Snoopy loves Wild Earth and had absolutely no problem transitioning from his previous food.

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