Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that answers the whole food, plant-based working peoples' dilemma!

I am all about teaching you to make your own breakfasts and lunches from fresh, whole plants, but I get it– who has time to do that every meal of every day?

Sometimes we need help. Some mornings, we need to be able to grab a smoothie and rush out the door. Or we get tired of packing the same old salad and sandwich for lunch.

Until now, I would have told you meal-prepping is your only option. But hold on! Now there is another choice. Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that answers the whole food, plant-based working peoples’ dilemma!

Their smoothies, soups, and grain bowls are made from whole organic foods and are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. (Note: some products contain olive or sesame oil.)

With 14 smoothies and 27 soups and grain bowls, there is plenty of variety. So far, I have sampled five smoothies, two soups, and two grain bowls, and every single one was fresh and delicious. My favorites so far are the Sweet Potatoe Quinoa Bowl and the Coconut Curry Rice Bowl.

My box arrived quickly, packed in insulated material that is 100% recyclable. The products were still frozen on arrival.I do have an affiliate relationship with Splendid Spoon, which means if you sign up through any of the links on this site, I may receive a small payment, but I do not endorse any product that I do not use myself. Try them for yourself– click here to get $10 off your first order.


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