Are Vegan and Plant-Based the Same Thing?

vegan v plant-based
Are vegan and plant-based the same thing? Not exactly. Plant-based refers to a way of eating, whereas vegan is a more comprehensive lifestyle term.

Not exactly. Plant-based refers to a way of eating, whereas vegan is a more comprehensive lifestyle term

First, let’s divide vegans from vegetarians. Vegetarians eat products that come from animals but don’t eat the animals themselves. This usually includes milk, cheeses, yogurt, honey, and eggs.

Vegans do not eat any products that are animals, come from animals, or involve the harvesting of animals or their habitats (such as honey.)

Vegan Power

The term vegan has long been associated with animal rights activism. Vegan extends past diet alone and includes all areas of living that exploit animals or their habitats.

Plant-based, on the other hand, relates specifically to diet and eating a diet primarily of plant foods..

Vegan Junk Food

Plant-based usually refers to eating whole plant foods in their most natural, unprocessed forms, and eliminating or eating very little processed foods.

There are many vegans who consume a lot of processed foods, like vegan meats, cheeses, packaged foods, and snack foods, so a vegan diet is not necessarily as healthy as a whole-food, plant-based diet.

And all those other ‘arians

There are many other diet labels. Pescatarians eat fish, but no other animals, ovo-lacto vegetarians eat eggs and dairy, and flexitarians follow some rules some of the time. There are people who eat only raw foods and people who eat only fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Omnivores are the ones who eat anything and everything!

Pick your label, or not!

If this is all new to you, don’t feel that you have to label yourself. Some people like to make a public declaration that they have “gone plant-based” or “become a vegan.” If making that statement helps you commit to the lifestyle, then, by all means, pick your category.

But, if you just want to hang out in the background, learning, experimenting, and trying some fabulous recipes, be my guest!


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